Bishop Joey (bishopjoey) wrote in dbowie,
Bishop Joey

Krautrock &c

So, recently I've been turned on to some of the oddities of that influential strain of German prog known as krautrock.  Some years back, Julian Cope wrote a treatise on the 50 best krautrock albums, and some bloke recently posted all of them for download. It's been an education. Some of the more well known stuff includes early Tangerine Dream, the first couple Kraftwerk albums (pre-Autobahn/Trans-Europe Express), Neu and Faust.

Anyway, recent heavy rotation has included Harmonia's 1975 album Deluxe. Beautiful crazy swirling stuff that some of the instrumentals on Heroes or Low seem to play off.  Dave, however, just about lifted the song "Monza (Rauf und Runter)" for Lodger's "Red Sails".

Highly recommended.
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